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My Carnival

The origin of the word mask might be traced back to Ancient Greek meaning personality. Therefore the question that arises could be: “Is the personality a mask that we can put on and take off at our will? Is erotism a mask?”

The women in these photographs are completely nude, except for the mask they wear. Their identity and their personality are hidden and therefore they can turn into someone different, without any kind of restriction or impediment. That is what makes this project erotic.

 As a result there is an authentic outpouring of glamour and sensuality, allowing us to imagine what we would not dare speak off.

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Ukrainian bunny 02
Ukrainian bunny 01
Amalya mask 01
Amalya mask 02
Be Ready
Don't Lose Your Head
Laura 001
Queen Sarah
The Sofa 01
Waiting 01
In Your Room
Pussycat 01
Iman 05 def
Ukrainian bunny 03
Ukrainian bunny 04
Ukrainian bunny 05